Project Decision Making

On Monday 7th July Henrietta presented to the The IT PM Special Interest Group, a joint initiative of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and the Project Management Institute (PMI) Adelaide Chapter.

Her topic was Decision Making

Decision making is a vital activity in projects.

That doesn’t change the fact that many project decisions are less than optimal. How many of us have experienced extreme frustration at apparently bizarre decisions undermining the success of a project we are involved in?

A ‘bad’ decision can introduce delays, confusion, unforeseen consequences or dissent. Not to mention having a negative impact on morale in the project team.

But what does a ‘good’ decision look like and how can project managers help? What different kinds of decisions arise and how do different models apply.

And fundamentally, how do we know a good decision when we see one?

This was an interactive session, based on escalating war stories to demonstrate the implications of poor project decision making processes plus an opportunity to share experiences.

Click here to download the notes from her presentation.