Ask Aunt Matilda

Dear Aunt Matilda,
My team and I have just come back from our Christmas break and it seems like everyone is in a stupor. The heat hasn’t helped. How can I get people motivated and working?

Hot and Bothered


Dear Hot and Bothered,

I am currently sitting with my feet up, watching the tennis. My first question is, are you really being reasonable? Can you expect your team to be 100% in this hot first week back?

If you really need them to get going I advise waking them up with the Ice Bucket challenge. A startling activity that is guaranteed to get them moving and at the same time providing much needed relief from the heat (this also works on cats). Sadly, your WHS rep may not agree.

A fallback suggestion to get everyone focused is to work on your 2015 yearly team plan with your staff. An external facilitator can work wonders to get the process moving. I happen to know KneeDeep knows some great ones.

Kind Regards,
Aunt Matilda.

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