When too much innovation is more than enough

You can tell when a message has reached the mainstream when the Prime Minister latches on. This week I even heard a crossbench senator talking about digital disruption! It’s official ladies and gents. The pace of change has never been higher, the days when we could ignore it are long past. Innovate or die is […]


Ask Aunt Matilda

Dear Aunt Matilda, My team and I have just come back from our Christmas break and it seems like everyone is in a stupor. The heat hasn’t helped. How can I get people motivated and working? Hot and Bothered Whyalla   Dear Hot and Bothered, I am currently sitting with my feet up, watching the […]


My lost dog moment and taking advice

Do you like taking advice? I know I’m not always that easy to convince. I’ve always been pretty confident about my own ideas and decisions. Working as a business and project management consultant for over 15 years has taught me that a client will sometimes take advice but often they won’t. It’s easy to spot […]


Project Decision Making

On Monday 7th July Henrietta presented to the The IT PM Special Interest Group, a joint initiative of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and the Project Management Institute (PMI) Adelaide Chapter. Her topic was Decision Making Decision making is a vital activity in projects. That doesn’t change the fact that many project decisions are less than optimal. How many […]